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Shima Trading Co.'s history spans the 20th century and beyond. For over 100 years, we’ve been building trusted relationships with trading partners and suppliers throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. Since its origins, Shima has insisted on providing the highest quality, becoming known globally for standards of excellence and innovation. We meet the needs of evolving industries with cutting edge technologies and high quality materials. For generations, businesses have depended on us to supply and manage the parts and high performance materials that are integral to their success.


We seek to improve the lives of our trading partners and, eventually, their customers, by providing the highest quality materials, goods and equipment. Our trading services are designed to bring ease and efficiency to both complex international regulations and negotiations with suppliers.

We only work with trusted suppliers and hold each of our numerous subsidiaries to the highest standards of excellence. Our goal is to have your transaction with Shima- whether it's products, parts or raw materials- to be the easiest part of your business.


Shima Trading Co. began as a simple export/import wholesaler, expanding over the last century into numerous industries and locations throughout the world. View the timeline of our growth:



Our experts have extensive experience in multiple industries. We’ll help you manufacture your custom part using the highest quality materials.
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