Services Advantage

Outsourcing delivers a great competitive edge- high quality custom parts produced at a fraction of the cost. However, dealing with international suppliers on your own can be uniquely challenging. First you need to find a supplier you can trust, then you have to deal with cultural differences, oversee quality control and navigate complex import laws. Why drain your company's manpower to deal with multi-faceted logistics when you can experience the ease of one-stop shopping. Simply send us your drawings and we'll take care of the rest, from production to delivery.

Working with Shima includes:

  • Trusted Suppliers. Shima only works with manufacturers with a proven record of excellence and affordability.
  • Reduced Importation Cost. Shima imports at a high volume and passes on the savings.
  • Just in Time Delivery. Our inventory management means you'll have the parts when you need it.
  • Eliminated Storage Costs. We'll manage your inventory in our centrally located warehouse.

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