Why incur the high costs of warehousing your components, when Shima can manage and store your inventory. Not only do we help companies eliminate the huge expense of warehousing, Shima helps you avoid gambling with inventory reduction.

We know that your production line depends on every single part being exactly where it's needed. With our centrally located warehouse, your products are always within reach. Our Just in Time shipping means you get your shipments within days- not weeks. Shima keeps your production line running.

Inventory Management

Once your products are produced and imported, Shima customizes your inventory to meet your company's needs. We'll help you determine your daily and quarterly use and ensure that your warehouse is appropriately stocked. Should you experience an urgent requirement, we'll help expedite factory orders.


Has your company already engaged an overseas manufacturer? Shima can also work with your own supplier. We'll manage all the details, from volume control to warehousing and final delivery.

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